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Cartooning : Cartooning

Category : Creative Arts

Explore the tricks of the trade and learn the basics in 2D animation from character models to flip books. Create your own character and story and bring them to life in your artwork! All materials included. One video concentrate on faces and show how to create different facial expressions by using a method that divides the face in quadrants depending on the desidered expression. We used 3 different easy examples to illustrate it. In one video . uses 'The Batman" Character as an example to teach the kids how to create a typical cartoon figure that shows 'disproportionate but proportional ' features. Also facial expressions and body positions One video features the cartoon 'Sponge Bob' which teaches us how logical character figures are conceived out of ordinary objects. in this case, a sponge. We also discussed the use of color depth and the importance of tracing correctly within the figure. One video features 'Baby Yoda'. Continue to work on facial expressions, in this case 'eye expressions' and the use of lines to simulate wrinkles. other important aspects are discussed including the logical use of proportions, creativity and simplicity.

What will you learn
Learn the basics to illustrating your own comic strip and comic book techniques.


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